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Oak Park family law attorneysAt one time, fathers lacked fairness in family court. Mothers were considered the nurturers, and thereby more critical for child development. Then studies started showing that the absence of fathers negatively impacted children. Now studies are showing that dads are not only important to development - they are equally important as mothers. Further, a recent study has indicated that a 50/50 parenting time plan is the most beneficial for children. The following explains how you can make this arrangement work for your family.

Remember Your Child Still Loves Both of You

In the midst of divorce, parents can easily get lost in their own emotional turmoil - their grief, anger, pain, and regret. This can cause parents to behave in ways they might not have under different circumstances. Yet children are at far more risk for negative effects during the divorce process. They may take ownership of the breakdown of the marriage. Some may regress, significantly so, and could become clingy. Alternatively, they may attempt to push one or both parents away.


Oak Park child support lawyerStatistics indicate that some 6,000 children are born with Down syndrome each year. Around 11 percent of school-aged children have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and approximately one out of every 68 children are diagnosed with autism. Then there are many others who are with born with a heart defect, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or other defect, illness, or condition.

What happens when the parents of these special needs children divorce?

In some ways, the process is the similar to all divorces. Yet there are also some notable differences, particularly when it comes to how child support is determined. If you have a child with special needs and are concerned about how child support will be determined, the following information may be able to help you better understand the process.


parenting time in illinois, Oak Park divorce attorneyHistorically, divorce meant that children lost the close connection they had with at least one of their parents. This was often true, even in cases where both parents would have been considered fit to care for the child. Why did this happen, and have things changed? Fortunately, there are ways to improve the outcome of a divorce for your child.

How Divorce Has Changed

There was a time when fathers were given almost no explicit rights to their children. As a result, society saw an increase in troublesome childhood behavior. Many started to struggle in school. Suicide rates increased, fewer children were completing school, and more children and young adults were running away and becoming homeless. 

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