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Overuse of Facebook and Other Social Media Can Lead to Divorce

 Posted on May 14, 2018 in Divorce

Hillside divorce lawyer social mediaSocial media is ostensibly meant to bring people together, not tear them apart. However, in recent years, these sites seem to have accomplished the opposite for many couples, as there are studies which indicate that sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram may be a contributing factor to divorce rates. 

Although most people begin using social media accounts with positive intentions, these apps can start consuming a high percentage of a person’s day. The average American checks their social media 17 times each day. Although this statistic is much lower than many other countries, Americans utilize the most mobile data on a consistent basis, using an average of 4.7 hours daily per person. You may also be surprised to learn that adults ages 25 to 54 are the most frequent culprits when it comes to compulsive social media checking. All of this time we spend attached to our phones can take away from valuable family time and can give too much of our attention to the lives of others. These sites are now commonly cited as a factor leading to the demise of a relationship.

How Are Networking Sites Harmful?

Although these applications are beneficial in communicating with friends, family and co-workers, there is a temptation to add people that should not necessarily be present in your personal life, like an ex, for example. What often starts as curiosity about what their life became can sometimes rekindle old flames, pushing the boundaries between friendship and an affair. 

Another common problem which can occur is when someone becomes too intimate with a friend or colleague. Having access to their thoughts, activities and interests may blur the line between someone being an acquaintance, or something more. However, adultery need not occur for a relationship to suffer due to social media usage. Social media is often cited as a cause of many of the following adverse circumstances:

  • Jealousy;
  • Public tirades about the other spouse;
  • Excessive usage of electronic devices;
  • Privacy issues;
  • Secret accounts; and
  • Feelings of inferiority.

Is the Marriage Salvageable?

If your marriage is something you wish to repair, you may want to consider establishing a joint social media account with your spouse, or temporarily deactivating separate accounts in order to refocus on your relationship. If you decide to continue using the applications, clear boundaries are necessary, and can help avoid future arguments. For example, what one spouse considers harmless flirtation, the other may interpret as a breach of trust. 

If your marriage has gone past the point of repair, a Hillside, IL divorce lawyer can help. The Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C. is available to assist you with divorce, child-related issues, post-divorce changes, and any other family law matters that may arise. Contact us today at 708-449-7400 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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