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In Illinois, What Expenses Are Covered by Child Support?

 Posted on May 02, 2024 in Divorce

Hillside, IL child support attorneyWhen parents choose to end their relationship through a divorce or a legal separation, a child support Court Order will often need to be obtained to ensure that children’s financial needs are being met. In Illinois, the law provides clear guidelines on how child support will be calculated. However, these guidelines provide for what is known as a “basic child support obligation,” and additional expenses may also need to be addressed.

An experienced family law attorney can provide a parent with the necessary information about how an appropriate amount of child support will be determined, while also offering legal expertise to ensure that divorce and family law topics will be handled correctly.

What Does Basic Child Support Cover?

In Illinois, the basic child support obligation is designed to cover the essential needs of the child. This obligation is calculated based on the incomes of both parents and the number of children being supported. In cases involving “shared parenting,” when children will have near-equal amounts of time with each parent, the specific division of parenting time may also be factored into these calculations.

The primary categories of expenses covered by the basic child support obligation include:

  • Housing costs: This includes rent or mortgage payments, property taxes, and utility bills like gas, water and electricity;

  • Food and clothing: These are everyday expenses for groceries, meals and appropriate clothing for the child;

  • Basic medical care: While insurance premiums may be handled separately, basic child support typically includes out-of-pocket costs like copays for doctor visits and standard prescription medications.

Additional Expenses That May Be Added

Apart from the ordinary expenses that are presumed to be addressed by the basic child support obligation, Illinois law also allows for additional costs to be factored into a child support Order. These expenses may be necessary for the child’s well-being and development, and they may be added to monthly child support payments, or one parent may pay certain expenses and ask for reimbursement from the other parent. These additional expenses may include:


Parents will be required to ensure that their children have health insurance coverage. The amount a parent contributes toward monthly premiums may be added to a child support Order. Other medical expenses not covered by insurance, such as orthodontics, specialty medical treatments, and assistive devices, may also be divided between the parents.


Fees associated with private schooling, tutoring and other educational expenses can be included in child support, if agreed upon by the parents, or ordered by the court.


Children may need to attend daycare or receive other forms of care during times when a parent is employed, searching for a job or obtaining education. These ongoing costs may be added to a child support Order, ensuring that both parents are contributing to these needs.

Extracurricular activities 

The costs of activities that contribute to a child's social, academic or physical development, such as sports, music lessons, and clubs, may also be factored into child support expenses. Typically, each parent will have a maximum amount per child per year that he or she is required to contribute for these purposes.

Contact Our Hillside, IL Child Support Attorney

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