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How to Deal With Your Supervised Parenting Time in Illinois

 Posted on November 25, 2020 in Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Hillside divorce attorneyIf you are a parent who is filing for divorce, there are certain aspects of your current everyday schedule which will now need to be reevaluated. For instance, your responsibilities as a parent,  which likely come naturally to you, will be reviewed and divided between you and your ex-spouse in a process known as allocation of parental responsibilities. The time that you spend with your kids will no longer be around the clock, but rather, will be scheduled and known as parenting time, or visitation. As part of the legal process, the court will be assessing your role and competency as a parent, which in some cases can lead to restrictions in the form of supervised parenting time.

What Does Supervised Parenting Time Entail?

No one enjoys the feeling of being scrutinized for their parental decisions and abilities. However,  this is a part of the divorce process if you and your spouse share children. In most cases, this evaluation will be fairly quick and the court will divide the responsibilities and parenting time fairly equally. In more contentious cases, tho, a judge may require one parent’s visitation time to be monitored by a third party. If the judge determines that you are in any way a danger to your child, or unable to fully perform your parenting duties, a court-appointed official will be present during your parenting time to monitor your parenting abilities. This is often a temporary order before the court makes a final decision, which is why the way that you handle these orders can ultimately determine your parenting role moving forward.

Tips for Dealing With Supervised Visitation

Hearing that the time you get to spend with your child will be supervised can be devastating. However, despite any frustration or anger that you may be feeling, it is critical to properly deal with the court order to present your best self to the court and quickly adjust to  this kind of stringent order. Below are some tips for making the most of your supervised visitation, while also giving the court  the best impression of you:

  1. Come up with a plan: To show that you make the time with your child a priority, come up with a list of activities that both of you can engage in during your time together. This will not only show that you know your child’s interests, but it will also prove that you value your time together;

  2. Do not prep your child: The person supervising your visits will be able to tell the difference between authenticity and a well-prepared script. Avoid telling your child how to act or what to say in front of the supervisor. Depending on your child’s age, they will likely not pay as close attention to the other person as you might think; 

  3. Keep yourself in check: Similar to a job interview, the court-appointed supervisor will be monitoring your words as well as your actions. Using profanity or talking badly about your  ex will not reflect well on your character or ability to be a role model for your child; and,

  4. Find somewhere to vent: Whether you seek out counseling or perhaps begin exercising to release your frustrations, it is important to find a way to vent outside of the time that you spend with your kids. This will allow you to be fully present during your scheduled parenting time.

Contact an Oak Park Family and Divorce Lawyer

 It can be frustrating having a judge, who knows little about your full background, restrict the time that you have with your kids. Also, it is easy for a spouse to misconstrue your marital relationship as it relates to your parenting abilities. The Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C. is here to help with every step of the divorce process, including any issues raised regarding your parenting. Whether you are concerned about your spouse’s allegations in your impending divorce, or have recently already been assigned supervised visitation moving forward, our compassionate Hillside divorce attorney will stand by your side to fight for your parenting rights. Contact our firm at 708-449-7404 to schedule your free consultation.



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