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Emotional Detachment from the Legal Aspects of Divorce Could Improve Financial Outcomes

 Posted on April 28, 2017 in Divorce

Illinois divorce attorneyEnding a marriage can be painful and emotionally difficult. In fact, many parties experience depression, anxiety, grief, anger, and stress while going through the divorce process. Unfortunately, these same emotions can cause friction between the parties, which can drag out the process and increase costs. Thankfully, some steps can be taken to minimize the risk of this happening. One of the most crucial steps is learning how to detach the legal aspects of divorce from the emotional aspects. 

Approach Divorce Like a Business Transaction

At its core, the legal aspect of divorce is like a business transaction; two parties come to the table with their requests and then negotiate a deal that can hopefully satisfy all involved. When examining it from this standpoint, an argument over the wedding china can seem arbitrary. However, some spouses do argue over things – such as possessions – that do not matter. That is often because they are struggling with their feelings of betrayal, sadness, or loss. So, rather than let emotion dictate your decisions in divorce, consider why you want something in the settlement.

Do you have an emotional attachment to the item, or is your desire fueled by bitterness? Is the item a family heirloom, or is it something that you plan to sell? If you take a moment to consider why you want something so desperately, you may be less likely to respond irrationally. 

When Arguments Involve Children

Arguments over child-related matters are usually harder to deal with than arguments over possessions. Try as one might, the emotional connection often cannot be removed. However, civility is even more crucial for divorcing parents. Conflict during a divorce has been connected to maladjustment, depression, and other emotional trauma issues in children in numerous studies. As such, parents who are struggling to reach an agreement over the allocation of parental responsibilities or parenting time details of their divorce may wish to seek assistance from a family counselor or mediator. Note that using an attorney is still highly recommended.

Detaching Does Not Eliminate the Grief

Emotional detachment does not make a divorce void of emotion. If anything, it can increase the risk of a blow-up; this is because some divorcing parties may attempt to bury or suppress their feelings. It rarely ever works. Instead, divorcing parties are encouraged to seek counseling and support from their friends and family members. Support groups may also be helpful. Further, it is recommended that divorcing parties minimize their communication with one another and hire divorce attorneys to manage the negotiations.

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