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Can Couples Counseling Help Prevent Divorce?

 Posted on November 13, 2018 in Divorce

Oak Park divorce attorneyEven marriages that do not end in divorce have their share of struggles. Couples who stay together for years or decades sometimes look back and identify the good times and the bad times. When a couple is experiencing relationship difficulties, they may consider what steps can be taken to save their marriage.

As men have increasingly rejected the emotionally closed-off approach that was common in past generations, marriage counseling has become an effective way to save a relationship. It can also provide a thorough diagnosis of whether a marriage is salvageable at all, or whether divorce is the best choice for a family. 

How Effective Is Marriage Counseling? 

With more than a quarter-century of research into the topic, the American Psychological Association says that modern couples counseling with the emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) model is now around 75% effective. EFT seeks to change the interaction patterns between disaffected spouses, which can alter emotional responses and strengthen the bond between them. 

The 25% of cases in which it is not effective include many couples in mentally or physically abusive relationships, which rarely improve with therapy. Timing is another critical factor, because some couples only turn to counseling as a last-ditch effort to preserve a marriage. In these cases, one or both parties may have already reached the mental point of no return, or they may simply be too exhausted to expend the effort it would take to rebuild the relationship, despite a therapist’s best efforts. 

Should We Get a Divorce?

Many couples who engage in marriage counseling enter the process hoping that it can help save their marriage. Sometimes, that is the wrong goal. 

Couples therapy is not only successful if it saves a marriage. It often succeeds by convincing a couple they are no longer right together. After divorce, many people lead happy lives and get along better with their former spouses than when they were married. Couples counseling can also be an important building block for successful co-parenting, and it can help preserve a relationship that might not have resulted in a lasting marriage but still holds significant value to the individuals.

Contact an Oak Park Divorce Lawyer

Seeing a marriage counselor does not always work out the way you hope or think it will. Sometimes, divorce may actually be the best answer for everyone, but it does not have to result in a contentious court battle. The more you are able to work with your spouse and agree on decisions that are best for the entire family, the smoother the divorce process will be. 

The Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C. can guide you through your divorce while at the same time working to protect your rights and your children’s best interests. Contact our skilled Hillside, IL divorce attorney at 708-449-7400 for a free consultation.


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