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Oak Park Bankruptcy Attorney

oak park bankruptcy lawyer

Legal Guidance for Financial Problems in Hillside, Forest Park, Bellwood and Throughout the Area

When you are struggling financially, it puts a lot of stress on you and your family. With bills piling up, it can seem overwhelming and like there is no way out. Many good people face financial problems that can lead to bankruptcy at some point in their lives. Regardless of how bad you believe your situation is, there are possible solutions available that can bring about a positive resolution.

For over 30 years, the Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C. has helped clients who have encountered financial problems and bankruptcy in DuPage County, Cook County, and all other counties across the greater Chicago metro area. Over the years, we have worked with clients dealing with all types of financial dilemmas. We are not here to judge anyone, just to take an honest look at your finances to determine the best path forward toward a favorable outcome.

One of the hallmarks of our firm is our emphasis on highly personalized customer service. We are compassionate, responsive, detail-oriented, and we take the time to thoroughly evaluate your situation and all available options you may have. By taking an in-depth look at your income, debts, and which financial obligations are priorities, we are able to come up with a plan to help you achieve financial freedom in the shortest possible time.

Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Services in Illinois

We provide a wide range of solutions for those who are dealing with financial problems and bankruptcy in Illinois, including but not limited to:

  • Debt Collection Defense: When debt collectors are hounding you, the natural impulse is to ignore them. This will make the situation worse, however, because it can lead to even greater financial consequences. We fully examine your circumstances to develop the most effective debt collection defense strategy. We also negotiate directly with your creditors, and very often, we are able to come up with a reasonable settlement that allows you to resolve your debt without having to go through bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: In some cases, Chapter 7 (bankruptcy liquidation of debts) is the best available option. Though this is a major step and is most often used as a last resort, Chapter 7 allows you to wipe out most (if not all) of your unsecured debts and gain a fresh start financially.
  • Foreclosure Defense: If you are several months behind on your mortgage, you may be receiving foreclosure notices. If you want to keep your home or sell it without having to go through foreclosure, we can work with your lender to develop a solution that can satisfy all parties.

Contact Our Oak Park Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

When you are facing financial difficulties, it may seem like things will never get any better. At the Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C., we are here to help. We can be your advocates during this dark time, working with you hand-in-hand to successfully resolve your financial dilemma. For a free initial consultation with our skilled and compassionate Oak Park bankruptcy lawyer, contact our office today at 708-449-7404.

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